Zero Addiction

Zero Addiction is an anti-addiction preparation utilizing the benefits of selective herbs, which are further processed as defined in Ayurveda to induce reluctance towards habit-forming mood-altering substances. The herbs used in Zero Addiction detoxify the body for toxic materials deposited in the system from prolonged use of any such substance. Zero Addiction is a potent remedy to stop and recover from substance abuse without facing the extreme withdrawal symptoms..


No Addiction

Value Price: Rs. 3000/-

Offer Price: Rs. 2350/-

The herbs utilized to prepare Zero Addiction works in three ways

  1. It induces a substance-opposing tendency in the individual using it.
  2. It further detoxifies the organs and body as whole to regain health deteriorated due to substance abuse.
  3. It helps addict regain the mental strength to resist the urge for further use.


Answer – Yes Zero Addiction is 100% pure ayurvedic product for the treatment of addict people with no side effects

Ques.2.- How does Zero Addiction Powder works?
Answer-Zero Addictionworks through balancing the human’s emotional, mental and physiology responses providing long lasting relief from the addiction of various harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarette and tobacco.

Ques.3.- Does it require to be used continuously?
Answer- Zero Addiction powder The effect of No Addiction lasts long. However, if addict starts taking the addictive substance again or doesn’t quit completely, it can be repeated.

Ques.4.- Can people with serious medical illnesses take it?
Answer- Zero Addiction powder Though it is a safe and completely herbal preparation, anyone with any serious medical ailment should consult his/her physician before taking it.

Ques.5.- How to use Zero AddictionPowder ?
Answer-Zero Addiction powder Take one spoon of Powder twice a day with luke warm water or it can further be added in food also.

Ques.6.- How to order Zero Addiction
Answer- - 1. You can call on the numbers provided on this website and place the order.
2. Visit the site and complete the formalities for placing the order.
3. Fill the form available on website to order the product and your request will be submitted to the executive. They will then call you for the confirmation.
4 . Payment is accepted through Cash on delivery along with the shipment charges or one can pay it through credit or debit card also.

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